Ismaïl was born in 1986 in Casablanca, Morocco. From his earliest memories, he heard women of his family play unleashed rhythms on local drums on any occasion. As a teenager, he learned the piano and then the guitar on his own, and composed his first music pieces – some of which ended up in the Genoma album, after 20 years of maturing. He then developed a unique way to play the piano, which combines the velvety nuances of the instrument with the rhythm of his guitar play.

After finishing his engineering studies in Paris in 2010, he started a career in international development. In parallel, he continued to compose music, finding his inspiration in a wide variety of genres. He is passionate about jazz and world music: Ali Farka Toure, Avishai Cohen, Majid Bekkas, EST, Bojan Z, Fela Kuti, Hadouk …

In 2019, he launched his musical career and produced his first album in 2020 , Genoma, in trio with Cédrick Bec (drums) and Maurizio Congiu (double bass).